leap:up - The Life Science Enabler

biosaxony Management GmbH will become leap:up GmbH

For us, „leap:up“ means taking a bold leap, in your mind and in the real world. With our new name, we want to express even more what we are all about: a life science enabler that helps you take the big leap. With our resources, our expertise and our community, we create the ideal conditions for your work and your success in the life sciences.

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Our vision:
A sustainably healthier world.

We enable groundbreaking life science innovations to protect and improve life on earth.

As a life science enabler, we are drivers of a sustainable and healthier world. Our work helps to realise science-based decisions and innovative technical solutions that turn global health challenges into real opportunities. In this way, we help to positively counteract the health effects of globalisation, climate and demographic change.

Our Mission

Our mission:
We transform your ideas into tomorrow’s reality

Our doors are open to anyone who wants to realise brilliant life science ideas with us.

We offer you acceleration and development services for your life science projects, training programmes and events in our in-house academy, as well as hub development and the usage of our own co-working lab in Leipzig.

We are committed to your aspirations and actively help to turn them into reality.

With us, you can fully focus on your projects - we take care of the rest: from freshly brewed coffee in the morning to the financing strategy in the evening.

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New name, new logo, new design: Why no longer „biosaxony“?

With biosaxony e.V. and biosaxony Management GmbH, we can look back on a successful history. We started in 2009 with biotechnology and were soon able to expand our services to the fields of medical technology and healthcare. biosaxony became a permanent fixture in the life sciences sector, even beyond the borders of Saxony.

As our success grew, so did the expectations and demands that we placed on ourselves: biosaxony e.V. and its members form the basis. Through this community and with the help of the association's roots, biosaxony Management GmbH was able to grow beyond itself. Today, we are more than „Bio“ and more than „Saxony“.

‚leap:up‘ combines this growing self-image with our promise to the life sciences. Our new brand symbolises the „leap“ from thought to action, from scientific theory to entrepreneurial practice. From potential to real economic success. We want to encourage and empower researchers, founders and companies in the life sciences.


Why you should take the leap with us

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leap:up brings together various experts and in this way, we create new ideas and help you grow smarter.

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Our network is worth its weight in gold. We are happy to ask our experts or bring the right people on board as strategic partners.

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We have over 23 years of experience in serving our customers and members. Trust our wealth of experience.